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What not to do during an interview



Interviews are nerve-racking experiences for most, and even with the right qualifications or experience you may still not get the role. Many people struggle to present themselves in the right way before and during an interview, with some of the smallest mistakes being made that can have a big impact on the decision making process.

Here are our tips on what not to do during the application and interview process to help make you become ‘top choice’ for the role you want:

  1. Arrive late – it helps to arrive at the interview about 10-15 minutes early. If you really cannot avoid being late, then telephone ahead or send an email to the company with as much notice as possible.
  2. Treat the receptionist rudely – the reception is likely to be the first person you meet, you should always be polite. The interviewer may also ask the receptionist’s opinion of you after you leave.
  3. Have a limp handshake – be firm with your handshake as this can portray confidence.
  4. Chew gum – never chew gum during your interview, or even whilst you are waiting in the reception room.
  5. Inappropriate dress code – always dress smartly for an interview, even if the role itself does not require you to. This shows that you are professional and are taking the opportunity seriously.
  6. Poor body language – don’t slouch with slumped shoulders. Sit up straight and pay attention throughout the interview. Look engaged and interested at all times.
  7. CV spelling mistakes – thoroughly spell-check your CV before applying for the position and as a double check, ask a friend to do this too. Spelling and grammar mistakes can put your CV at the bottom of the pile.
  8. Answer your mobile phone – this is an obvious mistake but still a number of people leave their phones on during an interview, with some even interrupting the conversation to answer it. Put your phone on silent or leave it in your bag or car.

Always be polite and gracious at the end of an interview, remembering to thank the interviewer for taking the time to see you, both at the end of an interview and perhaps with an email the day after.

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