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Unsure about what to do after leaving secondary school? An Apprenticeship just might well be for you.

You may find yourself faced with major decisions when leaving secondary school. You will likely have to choose between continuing full-time education at Sixth form/college or finding a job to kick-start a career. Although these decisions may appear life changing, it is important to remember that the choices you make at this point aren’t permanent. If things don’t work out, you have the time to change direction.

In this blog, we are taking a closer look at apprenticeships as an alternative route to the standard educational process (GCSEs – A Level – University) and will be highlighting the benefits that they can provide, specifically to those looking to start a career in the engineering sector.

An apprenticeship offers a range of benefits. First, it makes you more financially stable – in comparison to the steep costs that go hand in hand with pursuing a university education. Second, it allows you to explore your interests and the kind of career path that you wish to build for yourself. Third, it enables you to develop a variety of job-specific skills and build a network of relevant contacts, while working amongst industry experts.

Although there are several options available that facilitate learning while on the job, an apprenticeship is unique in that it offers the opportunity to get training and qualifications in the industry of your choice, all while receiving a competitive salary, as well as the training required to progress up through the ranks within your chosen industry.

The biggest advantage of landing an apprenticeship is the professional experience it provides. As an apprentice, you will gain first-hand insight into the industry you wish to forge a career in. Apprenticeships also offer the opportunity to build a network of contacts and observe the background processes of the business or chosen sector. Through intensive training and direct job experience as an apprentice, you can develop job-specific skills required to become an expert in your field.

There are an increasing number of employers providing apprenticeship opportunities with engineering and tech industries at the forefront of the movement. Some of these engineering/tech companies include Google, Airbus group, Red bull Technology and British Gas among others.

With hundreds of apprenticeships to choose from in the UK, each dedicated to a specific field, it is important to choose one that fits in well with your ideal career path and preferred industry sector. A self-assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, interests and skills will play a significant role in determining the apprenticeship that is most beneficial to you. Many online services provide accurate subject recommendations and can offer similar subject topics to enhance your research better.

We advise that you look into all the options available before settling in. If an apprenticeship or college/Sixth form position does not work out, you always have the choice of choosing full-time employment and vice versa.

Ultimately, whatever you choose, it is up to you to find a route that fits with your desired career path.

If you are interested in choosing an apprenticeship, we have created a quick summary on the apprenticeship levels available.



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