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Top 5 Reasons To Be An Engineer

There are many reasons why becoming an Engineer is a rewarding career choice, here are our top 5 reasons:

Be creative – Engineers have to conjure up creative solutions to challenging problems. You may have the opportunity to take creative ideas and make them a reality.

Solve problems – Engineers are problem-solvers. They use a range of skills in math’s and science, communications, critical thinking and management to find practical solutions that benefit people and society.

Never be bored – An engineer will always be challenged in their role, therefore find themselves continuously tackling new problems.

Make a difference – Engineers have the opportunity to contribute to their communities, countries and civilisations by making tools and machines to help people improve their lives.

Skill shortages – Growing skill shortages across many sectors are generating higher graduate salaries and other benefits.

If you want to embark on a career in engineering and are considering an apprenticeship then get in touch today. TXM Academy has six apprenticeship opportunities with Eurostar available. You can earn while you learn and gain a qualification equal to a degree!

Calvin, an apprentice with Eurostar, tells us why he recommends apprenticeships: “As an apprentice I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship learning route to anybody. Whether it is engineering or hairdressing, you gain the skills needed through real-work experience rather than simulations that may be provided by a university or college. At the same time you get paid while you are learning, not to mention the saving on the cost of college/university course fees and loans.”

For more information on our Eurostar Apprenticeship Programme go to: or call our team on 0845 226 3454.


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