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Our top tips to a successful Skype or phone interview

As part of the interview process you may be invited to a Skype interview or a telephone interview. Preparation is key! To help you ace your  interview, we have a few ways in which you can succeed in improving your job prospects in a particular organisation.

Speak in a friendly and clear tone

If you’re nervous, you tend to speak quickly without considering the words or tone of voice that is being used. During a phone or Skype interview, the interviewer is unable to observe your body language to understand your tone. Therefore, it is important to speak slowly and in a clear way so that the interviewer can easily understand your answers.

Demonstrate your inclination towards the company

During phone or Skype interviews, you need to demonstrate that you can easily adjust in the structure of the company. You can do this by turning the interview into a simple conversation so that the company can see your work attitude and behaviour. If it is a Skype interview, then you may need to use a profile photograph that shows your professional image. It may also be appropriate to dress professionally during the Skype interview to give a good first impression.

Act naturally

It can be useful to prepare for the interview but it is better to not overdo it. Interviewees need to act naturally and refrain from speaking monotonously. You can prepare a few points that you may want to communicate to the interviewer. If you start to speak from prepared answers then the interviewer can get frustrated and you might not get the job. For Skype interviews especially, you may need to maintain eye contact so that the interviewer knows that you are confident in your response.

Be prepared with the phone and webcam

It can take time to set up the webcam and phone for the interview. You need to be ready for the interview before the assigned time. It can be useful to check if your computer is working properly for the Skype interview to go ahead.

Mock interviews can be helpful

If you are not used to using Skype on a regular basis then it can be uncomfortable to use confidently. A mock session can enable you to practice different approaches to speaking easily during the interview. Mock sessions can also help you to stay attentive during the interview and respond to questions more vigilantly.

Ensure that a stable internet connection is present

During a Skype or phone interview, there can be several distractions that can make it difficult for the interviewer to hear your voice. It‘s better to have the interview in a quiet place where strong and stable internet signal can be detected.

Good luck with your interview! For more tips on interviews, click here or call us on 0845 226 3454.

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