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How School Leavers Should Talk About Work Experience?


How school leavers should talk about work experience?

Having work experience to talk about is a fantastic opportunity to set your application apart from others in an increasingly competitive, tough job market. Just having qualifications and credentials on paper isn’t enough anymore; you need to demonstrate skills in practice and a range of abilities.

It’s equally important to carefully consider how you talk about your work experience. The ultimate aim is to demonstrate that what you have done – in work experience or in education, and match this with what your potential employer is looking for in the role. Here are a few tips to best convince your interviewer that you’re the perfect fit for the job:

  1. Plan ahead

When discussing work experience, you can be tempted to talk only about the things that you have done in one particular situation. To improve your future prospects, it can be useful to make a detailed plan of the approach that is needed to secure the desired job. This way, when you talk about your work experience, you are fully prepared to answer any queries from the interviewer. To do this, read the job description for the role you are applying for and consider the work experience you have that would be valuable to that position.

  1. Use company examples

Many companies recruit candidates that can apply business concepts to real life situations. Through examples of your past work experience you can demonstrate the skills that they are looking for. The examples that you use can relate to the way you performed on the task that was assigned to you. This can include how you met the deadlines and took initiative to make a positive change in the workplace.

  1. Use scenarios

Talking about the steps that you took to resolve a particular problem can help your application stand out. Through these situations you can personalise the interview and show your achievement potential to the interviewer. It can be useful to explain the cost-cutting techniques and processes that you used to achieve the goals that you had set for yourself.

  1. Make a simple CV

For school leavers, a simple CV can help show the skills that you have acquired through work experience. This means that a concise, single page CV can be useful in demonstrating the relevant experience. However, you may need to customise your CV so that the interviewer can easily go through the information provided. See here for tips to create a winning CV.

  1. Mention your extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities can show a hard-working attitude to the employer. Even if you have experience of working with your family and or friends, then that shows initiative and responsibility to the employer as well.

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