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Engineering Apprenticeships or University?

If you are considering a career in engineering you may well be in a dilemma of which educational path to choose. There are two options for gaining the relevant qualifications, a university degree or an engineering apprenticeship. There are pros and cons to both, so what you need to consider is what type of learning best suits you.

The difference between study pathways

Naturally a university degree focuses on the academic studies of engineering, whereas an engineering apprenticeship gives you a hands on experience, meaning you are learning, working and earning on the job right from the beginning. Working alongside industry experts and being able to tap into their experience means you will learn practical skills, picking them up quicker than learning theoretically in a classroom.

Misconceptions about apprenticeships

Often with apprenticeships there is the misconception that they are for those who haven’t achieved high enough grades to attend university. This is definitely not the case, many engineering apprenticeships undergo a tough application processes and are highly competitive, particularly within the railway and motorsport industries with companies like Eurostar, Red Bull Technology and Prodrive wanting top candidates.

The benefits of earning whilst you study

The increasing cost of university and the downturn in the economy can mean university students are graduating with high student debt and no guaranteed job placements, which is making Engineering Apprenticeships an increasingly popular and more viable choice.

The most obvious advantage to apprenticeship learning is that you won’t be racking up a huge student debt, you are in fact being paid to learn.

Another great thing about learning through an apprenticeship is that often you can achieve qualifications quicker than through a university degree. Not only that, but you will be two steps ahead university graduates on the career ladder, with a regular salary and job prospects.

TXM Academy work with a number or businesses at the cutting edge of engineering within their fields and can advise on careers in engineering. With our sister company, TXM Recruit, we can provide specialist services and support for permanent and temporary recruitment goffering all the support and experience that you may need to make an informed decision.

Whatever you decide, make sure you choose the right path that suits your career aspirations and learning style. If you prefer hands on approach to learning and like the idea of earning while you learn, then an apprenticeship could be the right path for you.

At TXM Academy, we have various engineering apprenticeships available. To find out more please visit the role search section on our website or call our team on 0845 226 3454.

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