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Being a Recruitment Apprenticeship Champion

Well, I have never been a Champion before, except maybe in my dreams!

I have spent well over  twenty years working in the recruitment arena and one of the most frustratingly, constant aspects is the external view that being a recruiter is easy and requires no skills or attributes – any old salesman can do it!

I have seen many good salesmen try their hand at recruitment and fail miserably; I have then had the great pleasure of seeing individuals from all manner of backgrounds become outstanding recruiters and go on to achieve great success in our industry.

Those successes had many common skills and attributes but they all needed to learn and, without a doubt, the quality of their teaching was instrumental in their success – how many fell by the wayside because they were just given a phone, a Yellow Pages and no guidance?

As an industry, we now have the ability to give that guidance with proper structure, delivered by individuals who “have the time” and the motivation to ensure a successful outcome. The Recruitment Apprenticeship Programme developed by Skills CFA, allows us the opportunity to make our industry credible, it allows learners to become qualified to a recognised standard that will have real meaning to employers, their clients, their candidates and their peers.

As part of our role as a Recruitment Apprenticeship Champion, TXM Academy will be doing its upmost to:

  • Engage with recruitment employers to encourage them to offer high quality recruitment apprenticeships
  • Act as a champion for recruitment apprenticeships to help raise awareness within the recruitment industry of the value of Recruitment apprenticeships and encourage more business to hire apprentices
  • Work closely with Skills CFA, the National Apprenticeship Service and Recruitment Professional Bodies who champion apprenticeships to employers and individuals

I am genuinely excited at the prospect of the recruitment industry taking control of its own development and having the opportunity to help shape the champions of the future.

Please contact me at if you would like to know more about how the apprenticeship programme works or if you are interested in signing up

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