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5 Top Tips when applying for an Apprenticeship

We understand that applying for Apprenticeships and jobs can be a daunting task and, with growing competition, candidates applications need to flawless for them to be considered. That’s why we have put together 5 of our top tips when applying for an Apprenticeship to help you take your application game to the next level.


Get your personal statement right

Your personal statement is a major part of your overall application. We recommend drafting and refining your personal statement before sending a final copy, alongside your application, to ensure it is written to the best of your ability and includes all relevant information.


Stand out from the crowd

Your personal statement should include examples of your current strengths and hobbies. It is important to write about these in detail as it supports your application and provides additional information, which will help employers decide if you are the correct candidate for the role.


Be prepared

Research the employer or company before you compose your application and personal statement. Research will provide you with important information and keywords that will benefit your application, helping boost your chances of success. Employers often take note of this as it suggests you have an interest in the company and the work they do.


Proofread and succeed

It is vital that you proofread your applications to guarantee there are no spelling or grammatical errors. We recommend asking a parent or friend to double-check your application to ensure that it is perfect. Employers are considerably less likely to employ someone who has not taken the time to proofread their application. For added support, we advise candidates to give themselves enough time, as it is easy for an application to appear rushed or even unfinished.


Tailor your application to meet requirements

It is important to tweak or even re-write your applications to fit criteria when applying for multiple apprenticeships. Individual roles and companies typically require specific skills and information from candidates and with growing competition, generic applications can be overlooked. Taking the time to independently write applications will undoubtedly give you a better chance of success.


We hope that you have found the above advice helpful. For even more application advice, check out our CV writing tips blog post, written by the TXM Recruit experts. Alternatively, if you need any assistance when applying for one of our roles then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can email us at or call 01908 228680.

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